All it Takes is 20 Seconds of Self-Talk

It Only Takes is 20 seconds of self talk - prudencesinclair

Hi, lovely you,

It’s one of those cold and sunny winter mornings here in New England. When you look outside and see the sun shining so bright, you think it is a lot warmer than it is. My hot tea is steaming in front of me, and my beautiful Zuzu girl is right next to me, sleeping soundly. I’m ready to write.

Happy Thursday everyone,

How are you feeling today? Is there anything happening that may cause you to worry? Doctor’s appointment? Test results? What’s happening today?

All it takes is 20 seconds of self-talk to change your state.

Let’s spend 20 seconds together intending our day.

Stop what you are doing right now and sit down – start to breathe – breathe in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, hold 1,2, breathe out 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, (repeat) keep breathing in and out, and become mindful of what you are thinking about right now. Let the negative thoughts drift away. Be still.

We will do some self-talk using second and third-person pronouns as opposed to first-person pronouns. This is an NLP technique that will remove you from a stressful situation.

Ready. Let’s begin:

How are you going to plan this day (________?) (say your name)

Repeat your name (________), e.g.,  Prue; YOU are safe and secure today. YOU are strong. YOU are healed. YOU are at peace. From this moment on, you will only say great things to yourself and others. Everything is beautiful in your world. So be it. So be it. So be it.

During your day today, sit in the stillness and be without thought for a few moments and breathe. If any negative thoughts come to mind, gently release them by saying, “release” or hit the “delete” button in your mind and change the thoughts midstream to something beautiful.

Have a great day, lovely you, and remember you can change your stress levels or your situation in 20 seconds of self-talk.

Stay focused. Stay Strong. Believe in you.

Prue’s Quote of The Day: “The only person you can be better than is the person you were yesterday!”

See you over here in our Private Forum. Bring your questions.

Love you,


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