Are you Going Stir Crazy

Hello, Lovely You. How are you doing? Are You Stir Crazy?

I’m a little late getting this out to you because things have been hectic with the new Government Payment Protection Programs that are starting today, and new directives on sick pay for employees due to the Coronavirus. I’m also calling every employee and checking in on them. One of our younger employees has set up Fridays at 5:00 Virtual Happy Hour. We all have to dress up today in some sort of headgear! I have a great wig for the occasion!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

We keep plugging away, and every day we are learning more. Every day brilliant scientists are getting closer to more effective quicker turn-a-round blood testing, the use of off label malaria drugs have promise, and dedicated scientists around the world are racing to find a vaccine.

Some of us are doing better than others being isolated at home.

We are staying home and socializing less which can be very challenging for many people. Some of us are able to work from home, so we are keeping to our regular routines and have daily interactions with our work colleagues on video conferencing Others have been forced to stay at home and can’t work from home so they have less virtual social interaction.

What can you do to stop going stir crazy?

Here are five things you can do daily:

Create a Daily Action Plan: Add stuff you need and love to do to your Action Plan. Get into a routine. Get up, have a shower, get dressed, and put on your makeup as if you are going to work.

Read: Make this social hiatus a favorable time by checking out your bookshelf. I bet it has been quite some time since you read any of the books sitting on the shelf or downloaded to Kindle. I know I have many books downloaded that I’m going to enjoy finally reading! There are fewer things more powerful than the written word.

It can be a spiritual or self-help book, the autobiography of someone you admire, or a fictional story you can get lost in.

Great books to inspire you: “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman and Don Miguel Ruiz’s book – “The Four Agreements.”Check out some of my favorite books over here.

If you love to read, set up a virtual book club with friends and family on Skype or Zoom.

If reading isn’t your thing, there is always a good movie, show, or series.

With an unprecedented amount of media content available on streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, you can binge on a favorite show or watch a classic movie and not feel guilty that you should be doing something else! 😀

If video games are your thing, you can fire up your consul and play to heart’s content.

Exercise: With our gyms, YMCA, and the JCC closed, you need to continue a regular exercise routine. I’ve started social distancing walks – 5 miles a day. When I am feeling blue or fearful, I get out in the fresh air.

It’s a blustery, rainy, cold day today so that I won’t venture out on my walk. Instead, I’m going to put on an old dance DVD and kick up my heals!!

It only takes 30 minutes a day of stretching, exercise, yoga, pilates, Tai Chi to reduce stress and anxiety.

Food: Try to eat healthy foods. Prepare anti-inflammatory meals. Keeping your inflammation under control is paramount. Read what Dr. Barry Sear’s has to say about Coronavirus and inflammation.

Meditation/Mindfulness/Prayer: Keep up your meditation/prayer practice and breath deeply often. I say to myself daily, “Already healed. Already done.” Meditations and mindfulness with lower your heart rate and help you to think better thoughts.

Technology: Unplug from the Internet, your phone, and social media during your day. I notice how much my stress is triggered when I’m looking through FB posts.

If you are going stir crazy try new things. You have time on your hands for the first time in years or ever, so unwind from technology and watch a movie or read a book! When have you been able to do these things during the work week before?

Sleep: Good sleep will give your body a mental and physical boost. Rest is the essential natural stress reducer. If you are having difficulty sleeping, please download my freebie audio Sleep Well. Be Well.

Stay Safe. Stay Strong.

We are in this together.

Remember you can meet up and chat here.

Love you,

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