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COVID-19: 3 Essential Things to Keep Your Immune System Strong.

Did you read Prue's Place Daily today? Please let me know what you thought and how I can help you get started on a plan.

Love always,



I read all your emails Prue. Thank you so much! You give me so much hope and comfort. I recently had a lumpectomy, followed by radiation. I am leaning toward no Arimedix and no Tamoxifen. I need a plan!
Pertaining to this email, I started reading about delphinidins. I have been making blueberry smoothies every day! Yum! What are your thoughts about maqui powder? Do you have a brand you recommend for the Maqui extract? and about how much would you recommend taking?
Have a great day! and thank you! I always look forward to reading your messages.