How are you coping with the Coronavirus and being at home?


I'm very grateful because I can work from home and stay safe.

What are you doing during this time at home?

One of my friends who has 3 girls has turned their dining room table into a ping pong table. I heard my friend, Holly is a pretty good ping pong player. Who knew!


Hi Everyone!

How are you spending your time?
Yes to cleaning! And oh does it feel good! Cleaning out the unnecessary. I realized it takes courage to let go of stuff. I googled how to let go of stuff and learned a tremendous amount, which gave me the push I needed. Feels so so good!
Cooking new recipes of Vegan food has been fun and delicious!
Exercising more, new dance steps. I am learning as much as I can about breast cancer, estrogen, energy healers, healthy food, supplements and nutrition. Therefore I can make better choices. I am connecting way more with family and friends.

What have I learned?
I realize the similarity to my medical issues and how I am learning to deal with them. The virus is confirming that process.
Let go of the outcomes. Trust the process and know I am safe. Do not fall into a bucket of fear, noticing any yucky thoughts and replacing them with a happier, more loving thoughts. Ask myself, How can I make this experience great? What are the golden nuggets of it all? I have the wisdom and responsibility to create my happiness. I do my best to make my day happy and full of love. So when I put my head on my pillow for my night sleep, I can say thank you, I did an excellent job, and it was a beautiful day.
My life can be simple. In Costa Rica, their country motto is "Pura Vida"
pure and simple life.
Thank you Prue for your continued love, support, and information. I wish you all the very best.


Thank you for your amazing story. Keep safe in beautiful Costa Rica. Pura Vida!