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How are you coping with the Coronavirus and being at home?

I'm very grateful because I can work from home and stay safe.

What are you doing during this time at home?

One of my friends who has 3 girls has turned their dining room table into a ping pong table. I heard my friend, Holly is a pretty good ping pong player. Who knew!

Hi Everyone!

How are you spending your time?
Yes to cleaning! And oh does it feel good! Cleaning out the unnecessary. I realized it takes courage to let go of stuff. I googled how to let go of stuff and learned a tremendous amount, which gave me the push I needed. Feels so so good!
Cooking new recipes of Vegan food has been fun and delicious!
Exercising more, new dance steps. I am learning as much as I can about breast cancer, estrogen, energy healers, healthy food, supplements and nutrition. Therefore I can make better choices. I am connecting way more with family and friends.

What have I learned?
I realize the similarity to my medical issues and how I am learning to deal with them. The virus is confirming that process.
Let go of the outcomes. Trust the process and know I am safe. Do not fall into a bucket of fear, noticing any yucky thoughts and replacing them with a happier, more loving thoughts. Ask myself, How can I make this experience great? What are the golden nuggets of it all? I have the wisdom and responsibility to create my happiness. I do my best to make my day happy and full of love. So when I put my head on my pillow for my night sleep, I can say thank you, I did an excellent job, and it was a beautiful day.
My life can be simple. In Costa Rica, their country motto is "Pura Vida"
pure and simple life.
Thank you Prue for your continued love, support, and information. I wish you all the very best.

Thank you for your amazing story. Keep safe in beautiful Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

For me, it's been a lot of crafting, and a lot of walks outdoors.

I'm starting to feel more confident in my abilities, and I think I'm going to really push for turning this into a business this spring.

The walks, it just lets me get some fresh air, and feel more connected to my local world - instead of getting caught up in my head.

Oh! I also made a sourdough starter! Wild yeast and daily care - I almost want to give it a name at this point, like it's a weird edible pet. Still, infinite sourdough is pretty great.

We have still been working, however it felt good to tend to some cleaning projects that needed help!  Cleaning out the home office project was 7 years old 😉

I made up a 'task list' and everyone picked what chores they wanted as well as a night to cook dinner.  It's been really nice having everyone take responsibility for the house chores and cooking!

We try to stay away from watching the news, it feels too fearful,  funny shows lighten the mood.  🙂


Thanks for your message, Heather. Love you.