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Meditation for folks with racing thoughts

The phrase 'Empty your mind' never sat well with me, because my mind is never empty - especially if I'm trying to empty it. There's always flitting thoughts and ideas and observations.

Plus, I have a dreadfully hard time focusing on more than 1 thing at a time. I can focus on my breathing, or I can focus on my thoughts. Not both.

The form of meditation I end up doing is more about mindfulness, observing my own thought patterns, slowing them down a little - is there anything in this noisy cloud that is negative or hurtful? I should probably address those, and trace them back to a source. I do breathing and relaxation exercises before or after that, but trying to do it all at once is like trying to ride an ostrich. There's just no way to do it comfortably, and I end up more stressed than when I started.

Anyway, what kind of meditation do you end up doing, folks who can't exactly 'shut it off'?

I can relate to this so well.  We have an elderly dog who wakes up at 4 am no matter what.  The 'human', tired brain gets frustrated for a few minutes but when I think about this dog who has truly helped me heal, I'd do just about anything for him.  So I decided earlier this week to sit in the chair with him, rather than go back to bed and wake my husband up, and meditate.   I do a few things....I put on some chimes on my phone to help me stay with my breath; or I listen to a Blessing the Energy Centers from Dr Dispenza; or I listen to Theta waves . All help me remain calm and relaxed.   

Perhaps this resonates with some of you?

Thanks for the opportunity to share.


Jenny:  You are an inspiration to us all.  There is a beautiful story that Jenny wrote and I published it here:

Theta waves are so peaceful and healing. Here's a gift for you all that I created in Theta:




Hi,  if I feel that my mind is racing or heavy with thoughts, I will do a guided meditation.  There are tons of them out there.  There are some good phone apps too. I've heard that if you just keep doing it, it gets easier.  Keep trying!