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pets as a form of healing

I don't know about you, but meditation and positive thinking gets a whole lot easier when my dog is by my side.

Something about his eyes are just so full of soul, and feeling his warmth so close makes me feel all the more connected to the world.  This is a being who doesn't judge my flaws, or think poorly of me, and still loves me and wants to be with me no matter what. Hearing him breathe or do his little huffs when we're just laying together is so peaceful.

My friend has a pet lizard that I was squeamish about at first, but now its just a little gecko that hangs out on her shoulder when she's doing breathing exercises with me, and the cuteness is growing slowly but surely. If she gets a feeling of peace from his companionship like I do with my dog, then who am I to judge?

I think the fact that hospitals use all sorts of therapy animals for healing patients emotionally and spiritually says a lot about the power of animal companions.

I'm curious how much other people include their animal buddies in their spiritual lives. What's the strangest animal you've seen help someone?

My dog helped me save my life from cancer. He would curl up right beside me every time I did a meditation and follow me around. He knew I wasn't well. We would go on walks and that is why I created, The Daily Walk & Talk. You can download it here:  Introduction: Daily Walk & Talk


Much love and many blessings,

Stay save.