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What are your major fears? Let’s talk about how to walk through your fear.

My major fear was that I was going to die in my 20’s and not have a life. My doctor gave me six months to live and that was 3 decades ago.
How do we walk through the fear of dying.

I've been in a couple instances where I thought I was going to die - things like 'realizing something huge and heavy was going to fall on me' or 'accidentally caught around the neck and hanging.'

The first few times, it was super scary, and I panicked and froze. Then, in my early twenties, I went skydiving. It was so scary! I was so sure I was going to die, my mind was screeching 'im going to die!!!!!!!' - but there came a moment just before we reached terminal velocity, I looked out over the horizen as we fell, and something in my mind 'popped'.

It felt like acceptance, and realization that "Well, even if I die, this isn't so bad. I lived a good life. Look how beautiful the world is from up here. How huge and tiny and connected." The strongest spiritual experience I'd ever had, and I walked away with it with a deep sense of calm and peace about death.

After that, during car accident that totaled my vehicle I felt the same sense of peace and satisfaction like 'If this is how I go, that's alright.', without panicking beforehand. No one was hurt, and I was able to calmly help pull the wreckage out of the road while waiting for police/tow trucks to arrive. I was honestly more upset about the financial hit from needing a new car, than I was the recent threat on my life.

And since then, the idea of dying... idk, it doesn't really seem that scary. Someday it will happen. Someday, I'll close my eyes and experience the same 'nothingness' of time and presence that I was experiencing before I was born, or on those nights when I close my eyes as if to blink and suddenly hours have passed. It's not so scary, not being aware of existing. Not existing at all.

Still wary of a painful or drawn-out process of dying. If I could pick, I'd rather it be quick. But death itself?

If it's anything like those nights of dreamless sleep that pass in an instant - that's not so scary.